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28 June 2011

Something Paper: First Wedding Anniversary

I love a challenge. One of my favorite parts about wedding anniversaries is the traditional/modern gift list. It's a wonderful way to play into my creative thoughts with a specific medium in mind. And JV likes that it makes choosing a gift for me a little bit easier. Since both of us ordered year five gifts on etsy that are currently still not here, I thought I'd share the first four years with you.

Year One: The traditional gift is paper; the modern, clocks. 

For our first wedding anniversary we celebrated at a Bed and Breakfast out at the wineries. It was very sweet.

JV's gift to me: JV gave me a photography session with my favorite portrait photographer in his hometown---Joe Craig. I usually try not to complain on my blog, but one of my regrets is not asking Joe Craig to travel to Kansas City to do our wedding. Our wedding photos turned out ok, but if I did it again, I would splurge on the photography--big time! Since JV knew this is what I wanted, his paper gift to me was the photos. I truly cherish them. He's so sweet and thoughtful.

My gift to JV: Our first date--back in January 2001--was at the Petite 3 Theater in our college town. But by 2002, the town decided to open a Cinema 8 downtown, and the Petite 3 was no more. I searched online for hours, hoping to come across a photo of the theater. I even contacted the editors for the town's local newspaper and the college's newspaper. No one had a photo of this magical place. Then, finally, one day, I found a photo. But the resolution was impossible to blow up to anything more than 2x3 inches. I thought I was out of luck. But, I finally thought of one of the most talented artists I know--one of my husband's groomsmen--T. The second I contacted T, he agreed to let me commission him to do the custom work--drawing the Petite 3 Theater. He even built the frame and shipped it from where he was living. It was a total success, and JV adores it. And so do I. T even penciled in the title of the movie from our first date, Save the Last Dance. Terrible movie, but I will always save the last dance for JV, forever and ever.

If you have creative paper gift ideas, let us know about them in your comments!


26 June 2011

Something New: Boots for Dinner

Boots, Corral Vintage. Dress, Anthropologie. Necklace, Bueno Bueno. Tank top, The Buckle.

Last night I finally wore my new boots. I found them in Wyoming, and it was love at first sight.

We decided to eat dinner at our favorite local spot in JV's hometown, El Taps Dos. It was so wonderful to spend an evening with our dear friends. I always look forward to a night with Maddie. She snapped this photo, and we are off to discover vintage finds today.


24 June 2011

Something Five: Happy Anniversary, JV

Five years. I love you five years married. You are my soul mate forever and ever. I love you always. Our early anniversary dinner Wednesday night at Eleven Eleven Mississippi was magical. I want to remember the golden glow of the lights and our warm conversation for many years to come. I can think of no one more wonderful to build a family with than you. My heart wheels with delight the moment you kiss me goodbye in the morning, and nothing makes me smile more than your keys in the door when you arrive in the evening.

This year I want to remember us with a playlist.

I know Gaga is your favorite. She's actually growing on me more. I love this song. It's beautiful.

This is one of my favorite photos of us. So pretty.

I'm so sorry that the Spurs lost George Hill last night. I am sad, too. At least we will always have Duncan. And Blair. 


23 June 2011

Something to Celebrate: Bottle Opener DIY

This summer is a beautiful mess. Last night I started working on my latest DIY. I discovered these vintage can openers thrifting last week (searching for the perfect father's day gift). I scored a vintage Coors one for my dad:) Dad--if you want it painted, tell me.

And when I found the hidden treasure box of them--Lone Star, Lucky Lager, Hamm's, even Buckeye Brew--I had to think of something to do with them. I found most of mine for 50-cents each (some were between $1-$3, depending on the lager).

Such sweetness is paint. 

First, you want to find your can openers/bottle openers.

Then you want to paint a thick base coat color--let it dry between each layer so it doesn't clump up. I suggest 3 or 4 coats. I used acrylic paints.

Then paint your sweet, personal, beautiful designs. I'm going to seal them with a glossy glaze when they are all complete and dry. I just love them.


22 June 2011

Something Sneak Peek: Bedroom Makeover

The room is painted, the night stands are built, and the final details are almost adorably satisfying. Here's a quick sneak peek that I snapped after I gave JV a blindfolded reveal. More to come soon!

Now I'm off to paint something beautiful.


15 June 2011

Something To Do: Summer Developments

I adore Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess. I adore her sister Emma's blog and sweet treats, too:) And I can't wait to take their eCourse this summer, Dream Job. That and their best pal Rachel's eCourse. And that I am proud they are all living in Missouri, just like me:) Oh. And I can't tell you how much I wanted to crash her wedding. I'm thinking if I could have found Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson to join me, I might have been able to pull it off!

Elsie sweetly said she'd read blogs if readers posted summer goals. I'm always making a list to cross out.

So here are my summer developments: Enjoy!

1. Our Bedroom Makeover: The red was reminding me too much of dream sequences in Twin Peaks. I finally primed it yesterday, had JV help my color choosing with his solor choosing skills, and painted to room a soft neutral today. As soon as it dries, the fun of really decorating begins!

2. Etsy Shop Revival: I was so proud of myself when I developed a new blog design, including the photo and link to my shop. But my shop is empty. School is over. I've decided how to stage photos, and I can't wait to get it started up again next week. I hope to host a giveaway to kick it all off.

3. Find a Bike, Basket, and Repair it: I've enlisted JV to help me search Craig's List for the perfect vintage bike with a basket. I'll be painting it yellow, white, pink, or turquoise. Then adding personal painted touches with my acrylics. I can't wait!

4. I'm buying a Holga for my trip to New Orleans. It's been sitting in my Amazon cart for over a year. I hear New Orleans is wonderful to photograph. Speaking of New Orleans....if you need a summer read, check out Zeitoun by Dave Eggers. I read it in a day. Wonderful read.

5. Mama's Recipe Cards: These are somewhat of a surprise. The plan is ten.


P.S. Isn't my new studio coming together beautifully?! One more item to check off my 29 Before 30 list.

14 June 2011

Something Sweet: Summer Started, Wyoming's Over

I'm back from Wyoming! I took a lot of time to reflect when I had small moments, and I am so excited to start introducing some more post themes. While I am working on that, I thought I would post a few pics from the trip.