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16 May 2011

Something Baked: Blondies 101

This is my 101st post! Exciting. It was rainy and cold all weekend in St. Louis. After crafting for a good 5 hours or so and reading for classes, I needed something else to sweeten the mood. I haven't baked in nearly a month. It warmed the cold day right away. Plus, it lured JV up to the kitchen like magic.

I used the Brewer's Blondie recipe in the Baked cookbook because it's special ingredient is Malt Powder and Whoppers (JV's favorite). I found that the recipe typed here via Nosh With Me.

After baking, I even found inspiration to create cute circle tags using the new sticker paper I found here via amazon.com.  It was quite a wonderful Sunday.


P.S. I will try to post a GoogleDoc link to the stickers soon.

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