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03 April 2011

Something Hooked: I Need To Organize

My house is a mess. In the words of my charming husband: there is too much clutter. I've been trying to tackle some of it. And February's purge, no pictured yet, would seem like enough. But it's not.

But I am procrastinating like no one's business. And look what I've found. Some of the cutest hooks to inspire a full on spring clean/re-design. I love the upcyle aspect of so many of these esty finds I discovered this afternoon.

I really can't pick a favorite. I can see one in every room of my house. The spoons in the kitchen, the wrestling masks in the living room by the door, the modern screen print in the bathroom, the cookbook book hook in the kitchen, too. And the pictures with hooks in a bedroom. And the turquoise one with the Mason jar would look so cute on the porch. Decisions, decisions. They are all so inspiring.


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