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02 March 2011

Something Glam: Vintage Frame Jewelry Display

I know. I know. I know. I've been MIA. Part of it's the paper load at work. Part of it's the sunshine of March. Part of it's the decluttering of the storage room. I should have blogged about my amazing pulled pork and cole slaw. I should have blogged about donating a Honda full of stuff to the church up the street. I should have blogged about my poker chip magnets. I promise I hope to get those posts up soon.

For now, I am very proud to display last night's creation: A jewelry display with an old frame and some fabric, a Project ReStyle.

I found the frame months ago at the Value Village. I fell in love with it in an instant. The plan was to back paint the glass and hang it in the kitchen. Now the plan is to find a frame just as worthy for the kitchen to back paint this summer.

The fabric is very basic so that the jewelry is the only focus. I simply removed the glass, mat, and forest art from the frame. I cut my fabric to size and attached it to the inner ledge of the frame with hot glue. Then I added my favorite earrings and necklaces; the button/fabric swatch and safety pins are from Anthropologie sweaters in my closet. I am in love.

This is the before. I forgot to take a photo with the art in the frame. 

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  1. it looks so awesome! you did such a fantastic job and i love that frame!