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11 February 2011

Something Friendly: Printable Valentines

Billy Collins is one of my favorite poets. He's just magical, simple, delightful. One of his poems, Litany, inspired one of my students--Claire--to write the sweetest poem this year. Then it all inspired me to create the perfect Valentines. I LOVE them. I printed copies of Claire's lines for her, and she LOVES them.

Most of the lines I created are perfect for English teachers--while the others are from some of my favorite songs. I mean to add one more next time: You are my paradise by the dashboard light.

Click below to view and print the public GoogleDoc.
Printable Valentines

I hope you LOVE them!


Oh. Print them on a textured card stock if you can. They will be perfect. Or you could print them on sticker paper and use them as seals.

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