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11 February 2011

Something Friendly: Printable Valentines

Billy Collins is one of my favorite poets. He's just magical, simple, delightful. One of his poems, Litany, inspired one of my students--Claire--to write the sweetest poem this year. Then it all inspired me to create the perfect Valentines. I LOVE them. I printed copies of Claire's lines for her, and she LOVES them.

Most of the lines I created are perfect for English teachers--while the others are from some of my favorite songs. I mean to add one more next time: You are my paradise by the dashboard light.

Click below to view and print the public GoogleDoc.
Printable Valentines

I hope you LOVE them!


Oh. Print them on a textured card stock if you can. They will be perfect. Or you could print them on sticker paper and use them as seals.

Something Sugary to Eat: Heart Treats

Last week, I discovered pink marshmallows in the shape of a heart at the grocery store. Look what they can become:

Sweet S'Mores: Graham Crakers + Nutella + Heart Marshmallows = Yum!

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow hearts.

Rice Krispie Hearts in Wax Paper Bags: Sweet Valentine Treat
(Recipe below, from Amy Sedaris)

Marshmallow Hearts covered in Dark Chocolate and Sprinkles. JV loved them. 

I know there are no hearts in this picture. I just had to show off one of my new purchases for the year: Babushka Measuring Cups. Aren't they the cutest? I found them at Urban Outfitters, and I even used a gift card, from my dear former student Caroline, to purchase them (and matching spoons)

I also have to be honest: I haven't been truly creating a heart a day. I'm creating every day, and I am ok with that:)


04 February 2011

Something Twisted: Heart Crowned Braid

Today's Heart. Today's Hair. Rapunzel, get jealous: Snow day glitter hearts. Silver Bobby pins. A crown of braids. I know the photos aren't amazing, but JV isn't here to shoot.


03 February 2011

Something Forever Young: Bob Dylan, Meet Juliet

Dear Juliet:
Jay-Z's Young Forever is stuck in my head; Alphaville's Forever Young is, too. I know thou does not get the reference. It's too contemporary. But these songs have been stuck in my mind since 2nd hour this morning. We're reading your story, Romeo and Juliet.

Today, we studied the night monologue in 3.2. And somewhere between your desire for young Romeo to climb the rope ladder and your line about cutting him into stars, I slipped a question: What do we know about Juliet's fate?

A chorus of teenagers sang back to me: she'll die. That's right, I sang back: She'll die forever young. Then a corner chorus of teenagers broke out in song: Forever Young. And for a moment we paused: it's so sad, Juliet. You rushed into a marriage with dear Romeo without thinking. We hardly know you. But today, at half past nine, we sang a song for you, wishing you weren't forever young, wishing we could change the ending to a story we've known forever.


01 February 2011

Something Sweet: Glitter-Heart Photo Shoot

JV finally snapped some photos of my glitter-heart headband. And since I am dreaming and wishing for that January sunshine we had on Sunday, I thought I'd share the post.

Keep reading for more glitter-heart accessories. My heart for the day last night was a pile of felt hearts blessed with glitter.


Something to Live By: A Quote to Love

One of my favorite artists is Jessica at vol25. Her prints are an inspiration, and I am happy to have ordered her printable Valentines to share this year. One of my favorite parts about her blog is her section of quotes to live by.

So in honor of one of my favorite handmade Christmas gifts--custom sketch books--and my collection of quotes, I am going to try to design and post some of my favorites. I found this one listening to my Ryan Bingham playlist on Pandora Radio. The artist is Hayes Carll; the song, "A Drunken Poet's Dream."

P.S. I am trying to discover how to create and attach a downloadable pdf soon.

xo and Happy Snow Day--it's a blizzard here.