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30 January 2011

Something Yummy: Edible Hearts

24 January 2011
JV loves bacon. BLTs are one of his favorites. He's also quite fond of a fried egg. So as I was preparing one of his favorite dinners, I couldn't help but think of my heart for the day. I rushed to my cookie cutter jar while the toast warmed in the toaster. I found what I needed: my metal heart cookie cutters, in three sizes. The largest heart made the perfect mini BLT.

25 January 2011

 The following morning, I cracked an egg inside the heart shape. Again, a perfect heart. Martha Stewart and I must be thinking on the same creative wave, too. Because when I bought her February issue (I had to cave in--I didn't buy a magazine for 365 days in 2010!), I was excited to see recipes for Chicken Noodle Soup with heart shaped carrots and heart shaped raviolis. I think making heart shaped raviolis can happen this summer:) Oh. And I can't wait to make heart-shaped beets. Look forward to my recipes:)


P.S. I am still creating my heart every day. Hopefully I will get them all posted one of these days.

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