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10 January 2011

Something Wired: Heart Necklace.

Heart One. I made this one last night. I took a jewelry making class during high school from my beloved teacher, Mrs. Smith. I miss her dearly. Her classes taught me everything I seem to know how to do. Thank you, Mrs. Smith, for my foundations as an artist.

I started with some heavy silver wire in my jewelry making stash. I would like to get a heavier gauge if I try this again. If it wasn't snowing like the mad hatter was running the skies right now, I'd drive off to get it at my nearest craft store with my stash of Christmas gift cards.

It was fairly simple. I drew a heart on a scrap of sheet music the size I wanted. I used it as an outline to bend my wire. I bent the wire into a heart. Then I added jump rings and a clasp. I got so excited, I created two. The necklace thread is embroidery floss that I braided friendship style in the top photo; I simply knotted two strands in the other photo.  Let me know if you need one:) I even wrote out the word love and made it with wire as well.

I am loving this challenge.

Also. Two Mondays in a row have been Moosewood Monday Inspired. Last week, I made flour tortillas from scratch; this week, we are having butternut sqaush soup courtesy of The Moosewood Cookbook. Yum!

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