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02 January 2011

Something Short: Two Days Left

I can't believe that there are only two days left of my mission. I know I didn't accomplish it completely, but I can't wait to publish my final thoughts on the 4th.

Right now, I thought I'd cover the Year of the Tiger: 2010 in Photos.

January 2010: Family portrait that I love. It reminds me of love--calm and sweet.

February 2010: Rolls, with poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Baked from scratch. 

March 2010: Discovered Mere's Aprons in Mama's Cedar Chest. Delightful. I wore one this holiday.

April 2010: New York, NY trip to visit Julie and Jared. And to sit in the front row at the Letterman show. And to have our memory captured on the Brooklyn Bridge. Love it. 

May 2010: Discovered Hipstamatic. Hipsta-in-love.

Pure Happiness
June 2010: Trip to teach in Wyoming, searching for female sage brush crickets. Captured my favorite photo of the year. I finally framed a copy last week. It's pure happiness. We also celebrated four years together. Pure happiness. I imagine us in the white pick up.


July 2010: I fell in love with this heart graffiti on the cobblestone alleyways of St. Augustine. I can't wait to submit it for sales at the new gallery opening in Dexter this February. 

August 2010: Captured my antique button earrings in beautiful light. 

September 2010: My birthday inspired this printer's drawer jewelry box. This image is one of my favorites. It reminds me of simple things. Plus, the salt and pepper shakers are family vintage from my Aunt Agnes. I adore them.

October 2010: I used a gift card to buy black skinny jeans without one regret. And Cheryl took pictures of our family. 


November 2010: My Love of My Life and I drove up and down country roads. Right at sunset, I captured this lock and barn. I adore it. I will never tired of Saturday drives through the country, stopping whenever I think I might capture something wonderful.

December 2010: I handmade Christmas for many dear friends and family members: I need to post the pictures before it's old news. This dinosaur begged to be photographed as I smothered his friends in gold spray paint to make holiday ornaments.

2010. The year ends, and I celebrate a decade out of high school, a decade with the love of my life, and a decade I never thought would end. Here's to another decade. And I can't wait to make a wish on 11.11.11. I hope your 2011 is beautiful. 

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