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11 January 2011

Something Old: Heart Two, Gold and Beads

For my birthday, my friend Sheri surprised me with a jar of beads that belonged to her great-grandmother--circa 1920s. That makes the beads nearly 90-years-old. They are small, glass, and one strand is the most striking red. I had to uncover some smaller gauge wire from my stash to even get the beads to string.

First, I strung the beads on the wire. Mostly red ones, but I added a few gold ones at random. I used the same technique as yesterday to bend the wire into a heart. The gold chain is from a locket my Grams gave me in 1990, so it's over 20-years-old. My charming husband, JV, is a master at getting knots out of chains. He worked a miracle on this one during a MadMen episode. He's magical.

I just think it's the sweetest Valentine necklace. Today's a snow day, but I can't wait to wear it to school if we ever return...



  1. you did a fantastic job! i love it! i am really liking your new little venture, so much fun!


  2. Hi Katie,

    I'm liking your daily heart project too! I really do think that creating consistently makes you more creative. Some will be hits and some will be misses, but you'll see yourself grow over the year!