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05 January 2011

Something New: Mission (Un)accomplished

At midnight, the challenge to not buy anything new for an entire year officially ended. I stopped by an antique shop I love today on the way home from my first day back at work, and I scored the cutest 50s cigarette case to carry business cards in. But according to my rules, I'd always be allowed to purchase that. I still love a discovery.

I've been keeping a list of what I've learned during this journey, but I can't quite put it in the right words. I can't make it as eloquent as I would like.

Most of all, I feel satisfied. I feel calm. I feel accomplished. Despite my lapses for clothing--December was a nightmare of sorts--with less than a week left, I went crazy at Forever 21.

But despite that, I don't know many people that will do what I did: I didn't buy any new clothes for a solid four months straight. And after the New York leggings, I went cold for another five months. In my book, that's impressive. And clothes--and materials for my jewelry making and other art--are the only new things I purchased. Oh. And the dishwasher and kitchen re-do I planned in January 2010.

Plus there are all of the little things I've learned in celebration of Mother Earth: one box of foil (recycled) can get you through a year. So can one box of ziploc bags (I'm sure we still have 3/4s of the box left). And baby food jars are the perfect way to dress up holiday treats. Cereal bags replace wax paper. Buying beans dry means less waste, more food, and more money in the bank. And no one needs ten bottles of body wash. It's more than enough for a year. My bathroom looks much less cluttered with two bottles. And old bingo markers, poker chips, and dominoes make the perfect jewelry.

I learned that I appreciate gifts more from others. And I've learned to give more gifts to others. I've learned that things are more comfortable with a few hundred dollars hanging out in a MadMoney savings account. I've learned to never know boredom. I've learned to bake a three-layer cake, rolls, and tortillas from scratch.

I became a real artist this year--and, who knows, I might not buy anything for the month of February.

Here's to a new year of discovering what's really important.


  1. wow congrats lady! in my book you are AMAZING and it seems you learned a lot which is really important and now you can take those money saving ideas and use them all the time! i have been reusing zip lock bags and i also try to reuse my tin foil too!

    happy new year!


  2. First of all, you are way cooler than I will ever, ever be. But more importantly, I am so proud of you--what an accomplishment, and what a way to chronicle it. Barb and the crew would be proud of what a reflective practitioner you are!