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14 December 2010

Something Tinsel: Silver Sparkle Wreath

Last week, I stopped inside one of my favorite thrift joints at exactly 3:59 p.m. They close at 4, but the ladies let me shop--alone--until 4:30. It was heaven. I found the best holiday hat for New Year's, but I might bust it out this weekend:) I also scored beautiful rainbow icicle ornaments for 50% off early (the 50%-off sale started the next day).

But the $1 find I couldn't pass up? Silver tinsel garland. Twenty-five feet. In a original box. It's beautiful. At first, I considered draping it somewhere, but the mantle already has my holly, the tree is small, and the frozen snow and wind would destroy it outside. Then I considered: it would make a beautiful full or small wreath.

Wire hanger to bend or Embroidery Hoop
Vintage Garland
Ribbon scrap to hang wreath.

Step-by-Step How To:
1. Bend your hanger into a circle.
2. Tape one edge of the garland to the circle.
3. Wrap the garland around the circle.
4. Squish the garland to make the wreath full.
5. Trip the garland when wreath is full. Tape to stay.
6. Bend back the top of the hanger (or cut it off).
7. Add ribbon.
8. Display.

I made the large wreath with the hanger, but I also made a smaller one with a vintage hoop. The smaller one is perfect for the base of my cake stand, but I also think they would be adorable around the base of a candle.


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