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06 December 2010

Something Stamped: Glass Jars for Treats

My mother-in-law was sweet enough to save baby food jars for me over the summer when she was helping my sister-in-law babysit a sweet baby. I love the smallness of the jars. Something mini is something cute {if you ask me}.

Every year for the holidays, I usually bake. I used to bake over fifteen types of cookies and sweets. But last year--and this year I'm staying to it--I only baked my top three: rolo turtles, peanut butter cups, and monster mint m&m cookies.

Last year, I gifted my treats in the tins I love from Hobby Lobby and Michael's. This year, I am making my own. And I think I like them better.

Glass Jars--from baby food, olives, cherries, etc.
Rubber Bands
Stamps--mine are letters, a snowflake, and one with reindeer. I did buy them this year.
Fabric to stamp--mine is from Hobby Lobby. Plus I have some vintage holiday patterns.
Iron--to heat set your stamps
String and Tags {optional}

1. Cut your fabric in a square large enough to cover the lid of your jar with excess to hang over
2. Stamp fabric
3. Heat set with iron, holding heat on the stamp for two minutes
4. Fill jar with cookies or candies
5. Cover the lid with the fabric, and secure it with the rubber band
6. Tie with extra yarn, string, or rick-rack
7. Add a tag

8. Gift


  1. I often give food items as gifts and I think this is such a lovely way to decorate the jars. I especially love the stamps.

  2. I've checked your blog every single day since the moment you sent me the link and I've never posted a comment! So I'm going to right now... I'm so proud of your mission of not buying anything new for a whole year and you've definitely inspired me and others in the process! Plus, Rolo turtles ROCK! Merry Christmas! :)