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09 December 2010

Something Literary: Poker Chip Bookmark

My Aunt Mary had an ongoing rummage sale in her basement over the summer. After my sister and I rolled nearly 100 raviolis with her and my nanni, I was allowed to check it out.

I walked away with some treasures I live to find thrifting: a stack of heart-shaped tins, a tea cup, and a box of nearly 100 poker chips. All, of course, free of charge.

The poker chips aren't smooth like most poker chips I use to make jewelry, but once I got to thinking, I created the perfect gift: bookmarks.

Materials for this Project:
Vintage Sheet Music, Vintage Dictionary Pages, or any paper
Sharpie Markers
Sticker Maker Paper (or a sticker maker): Double sided.
Circle punch, 1 1/2 inch
Poker Chips (the same size as your circle punch)

Step-by Step DIY:
1. Peel the sticker paper, and smoothly apply it to your vintage sheet music.
2. Cut away the excess paper.
3. Using a 1 1/2 inch circle punch, with the sticker paper baking facing you, punch the circles.
4. Cut your ribbon to the desired length.
5. Burn both ends of the ribbon with the flame from your matches, lighter, or candle to keep the ribbon from fraying.
6. Draw your designs on your paper circles; I drew a cupcake and the letter 'E.'
7. Place the ribbon on top of the poker chip, peel away the sticker backing, and fix your sticker over the ribbon and poker chip. The ribbon should be centered, stuck between the sticker and poker chip.
8. Fix another sticker to the opposite side of the poker chip.
9. Gift to your mamas, librarian friends, and family.


1 comment:

  1. Really cute idea, I have a lot of these I can work with. Thanks