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20 November 2010

Something Mailed: Upcycled Envelopes

I found the most charming stack of vintage Santa cards out thrifting a few weeks ago. They came without envelopes. I thought I would have the perfect size at home--but it turns out that I didn't. I considered buying a small package for cheap, but as I was sifting through the Christmas labels, tags, ribbon, and string box, I found a few sheets of wrapping paper I couldn't bear to trash last year.

Solution: Make envelopes with something pretty: last year's folded wrapping paper.

Supplies: Scissors, pencil or pen, tape, an envelope to trace (I used a resume envelope, but you could use any envelope you've received in the mail, old labels or white paper, and old wrapping paper, old scrapbook paper, old maps, any old paper will do. I 'm also considering using some Anthropologie magazine pages.

Step 1: Carefully tear apart the pattern envelope.
Step 2: Lay envelope flat on old wrapping paper.
Step 3:Trace the patten of the envelope. I had to add inches to mine so that the card would fit. I determined the right size by placing the card in the middle as I traced.
Step 4: Cut out the traced shape.

Step 4: Flip envelope so the pretty paper faces down.
Step 5: Fold up the bottom edge and side edges. Check to see if card fits.

Step 6: Tape the edges down with Scotch tape (I have way to much of this stashed from last year) or a glue stick.
Step 7: Add a label or white paper to the front for writing the address and return address.
Step 8: Place envelope in card, seal back flap with glue or vintage holiday stickers.
Step 9: Pass along the holiday cheer, and mail this beauty.

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  1. I love this Tutorial! I found some fab vintage wrapping paper this weekend that this would work perfect with. Thanks so much.