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10 October 2010

Something St. Louis: Saturday Night Life

St. Louis is known for her theaters. The Tivoli, The Moolah, The Chase, The Hi-Pointe. These are Landmarks, and if I ever leave this city, I want to have photos I love. Last Saturday, my charming husband and I waltzed up and down the streets of the Loop, toasted near South City, and ritz-ed it up in the Central West End. Here are some of my favorite shots, and I can't wait to have prints!

The Tivoli in Black and White. I can't wait for Howl to release, by the way, on October 22nd. It's starring James Franco as Ginsberg!

The Chase. Don't the street lights look almost magical. It makes me think of Christmas.

And The Pageant. The place we saw the couple from Once and Iron and Wine. And the shot looks so vintage--I didn't edit a thing!

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