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24 October 2010

Something Spooky: Upcycled Halloween Cards

Haunted October. Spooky Graveyard. Vampire Crushes. Candy Craving. Happy Halloween. Fearful Fate.

A few days ago, we received gifts in the mail. You know. Those free gifts from organizations seeking support. Free return address labels, free cards, free calendars. Usually, I just throw them in the recycling. This time, I saved the cards. And about an hour ago, ideas carved their way into my creative mind.

Materials: Glue stick, dictionary pages, scrapbook paper stash, scrapbook sticker stash, sharpie ink, and the most charming Hallmark Halloween seals (I wish I knew the publication date; they are the sweetest).

Page through the dictionary to hunt down Halloween words. I picked: Halloween, candy, and spooky. But I also like graveyard, ghoul, devil, monster, zombie, vampire, bite, and witchcraft.

Glue stick your dictionary page (cut to size) over the advertised material. Embellish as you wish.

I only had the cards to make three this time, but I have some postcards that might be perfect to upcycle for Christmas. I always see stacks of cards at rummage sales and out thrifting for as little as 25-cents a pack, with 8-10 cards and envelopes. Now I know exactly what to do with them:)

Do you have a favorite of the three I brewed?

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