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31 October 2010

Something Halloween: Felt and Buttons

Starting in November, I plan to post something I am thankful for at least once a week. But before the monster holiday closes, I want to share the treats I gave out this year: a yarn wreath for my mama, hair clips, bookmarks, and brooches for my girlfriends, pillows and spicy pumpkin seeds for my charming husband, a bumble bulldog and jack-o-lanterns for the neighbors, and a pumpkin charm for etsy.

Happy Halloween! I hope yours is spook-tack-u-lar!

The pillows were a cinch, by the way. I found the embroidered images in frames for less than $4 for the pair at the Value Village and Weekend Flea Market.


26 October 2010

24 October 2010

Something Spooky: Upcycled Halloween Cards

Haunted October. Spooky Graveyard. Vampire Crushes. Candy Craving. Happy Halloween. Fearful Fate.

A few days ago, we received gifts in the mail. You know. Those free gifts from organizations seeking support. Free return address labels, free cards, free calendars. Usually, I just throw them in the recycling. This time, I saved the cards. And about an hour ago, ideas carved their way into my creative mind.

Materials: Glue stick, dictionary pages, scrapbook paper stash, scrapbook sticker stash, sharpie ink, and the most charming Hallmark Halloween seals (I wish I knew the publication date; they are the sweetest).

Page through the dictionary to hunt down Halloween words. I picked: Halloween, candy, and spooky. But I also like graveyard, ghoul, devil, monster, zombie, vampire, bite, and witchcraft.

Glue stick your dictionary page (cut to size) over the advertised material. Embellish as you wish.

I only had the cards to make three this time, but I have some postcards that might be perfect to upcycle for Christmas. I always see stacks of cards at rummage sales and out thrifting for as little as 25-cents a pack, with 8-10 cards and envelopes. Now I know exactly what to do with them:)

Do you have a favorite of the three I brewed?

10 October 2010

Something St. Louis: Saturday Night Life

St. Louis is known for her theaters. The Tivoli, The Moolah, The Chase, The Hi-Pointe. These are Landmarks, and if I ever leave this city, I want to have photos I love. Last Saturday, my charming husband and I waltzed up and down the streets of the Loop, toasted near South City, and ritz-ed it up in the Central West End. Here are some of my favorite shots, and I can't wait to have prints!

The Tivoli in Black and White. I can't wait for Howl to release, by the way, on October 22nd. It's starring James Franco as Ginsberg!

The Chase. Don't the street lights look almost magical. It makes me think of Christmas.

And The Pageant. The place we saw the couple from Once and Iron and Wine. And the shot looks so vintage--I didn't edit a thing!

02 October 2010

Something Magnetic: Upcycled Bottle Caps

I am a hoarder. Throwing out anything with potential to be upcycled tears me to shreds. For years I've been stashing wine corks in clear vases, beer bottle caps in large bowls, and bath tissue rolls in baskets. It drives my charming husband nuts, and, to be honest, the clutter overwhelms me at times.

Solution: Upcycle Now.

Beer bottle caps don't take up much room. After a year of saving--maybe longer--I've only collected a half gallon bagful. That's roughly 200 bottle caps. My dear friend Cori's husband can make belts with them, but he's got a pretty large stash, too. And I can only use one bottle cap belt at a time. And I think my friend Mary keeps hers on display in her dining room. But I'm out of shelf space.

My Project Decision: I'm upcycling by making magnets for the fridge. I did have to buy magnets; however, I am very happy with this artistic project.

Materials: Beer Bottle caps, E-6000 glue, magnets, buttons, mod podge, dictionary pages, paint brushes, sharpie markers, and creative thinking. {the buttons give the magnets a lift, keeping the metal from scratching your fridge}

My favorite ones are the ones that spell Poet and the ones with cupcakes. What do you think? I'll have them for sale at the fair October 23rd at Fort Zumwalt High School in St. Louis.