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25 September 2010

Something Organized: Saturday Simplicity

Today is Saturday. Our south city bungalow is a beautiful mess. My charming husband is fixing up some much needed household messes, and I've been crafting like mad for the upcoming craft fair in October. I apologize for the lack of posts; I've been grading papers. And our kitchen is under renovation--that other "outlaw" purchase that I "okay-ed" in January. We're getting a dishwasher; Mother Earth will be happy.

Since the house is a mess, I've been trying to at least find some sanity. One place untouched by the spill of renovation is our bedroom. A few weekends ago I discovered a vintage printer's drawer at on of my antique malls. I paid around $20, and I just love the new way I'm displaying my jewelry. If you find one under $30, snag it. It's the best discovery. And they can go for upwards of $90 on etsy.

All last week I wore black and jeans to work--with a different signature accessory. And that brought happiness to the stack of papers.

Go treasure hunting this Saturday!

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