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26 August 2010

Something Versatile: Vintage Top Quilt Apron, Earrings, and Tape

I found the top quilt back in March. She was hiding under a pile of completed quilts in the last booth at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall along highway 70. And I almost didn't buy her at the *expensive* $20 ticket price. In fact, I did another loop back toward some blue Ball jars before committing to the purchase.

It's one of the best purchases I've discovered, and I can't wait to find another top quilt that's as versatile. Her first project: The charming aprons I posted over the winter. Her most recent affairs? Cover button earrings and tape.

The tape is inspired by Maya*made's blog. She fell in love with the new Japanese tapes with designs. I fell in love, too, the first time I spied them in a Martha magazine. But fancy-colorful-tape-at-a-pricy-ticket-price didn't seem justified. Even if I intended to use it to wrap presents. After reading through Annekata's Blog, I discovered the step-by-step that involved some glue, some scissors, some fabric, some wax paper, some packaging tape, some sand paper, and some scissors. And some patience. I considered finding packaging tape and pasting and cutting away for a moment. Until I realized that I had a roll of hem tape in my dresser drawer, a roll of hem tape I never got around to using.

Oh what a discovery! No glue, no sandpaper, no wax paper, just hem tape and top quilt fabric scraps. I can't wait to wrap a present!

Here's a step-by-step picture DIY.

And then I found a stack of cover buttons at a tent sale, cover buttons that are considered "old" because a fellow crafter bought them new. What a delight when I put another two and two together--so many designs, so little fabric, so much fun. I' wearing a pair right now! And look for your own pair to buy in late September at the Corner Cottage in Dexter.

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