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10 August 2010

Something Summer: A Beautiful Mess of Crafts

I wish I could say it was the 500th day of summer. That would mean summer vacation lasts 500 days! I don't know how many days summer lasted this year, but today is my last. Tear. I know I will still be able to create during the year, but this is probably the last Tuesday that I can create in my studio at 10 a.m. barefoot in blue jeans and the Love t-shirt my charming husband surprised me with on our second anniversary.

So today my studio is a mess. But I am an artist all. day. long.

Oh. And I guess this is the first time I've shown off my vintage bingo tile and poker chip necklaces. They will be on Etsy soon! I'm going to do a photo shoot this weekend and next weekend and perhaps throughout the week.

Enjoy the sunshine today!


  1. I will be kind of sad when school starts... This jewelry is so pretty! Going to check out your etsy store. I love etsy way too much...

  2. Oh, Abby! Thanks. Etsy isn't up yet. There's a store under my name, charmedearth, but no digs...yet.