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04 August 2010

Something Stretched: Blue Jeans

I didn't want to admit this, but my dark denim jeans are too tight. Way too tight. It's been the sadness of the summer, the one thing I keep thinking I should just go out and buy. I'm in the process of trying to drop those pounds, and after a few lost, I thought they might fit looser this morning. They didn't.

I tried to stretch them by just wearing them around the house, attempting yoga moves like warrior pose and a downward facing dog. Both attempts resulted in zero give. My last attempt: Google.

Google: "How to Stretch Jeans"

I had no idea that by spraying the areas I wanted to stretch (waist and thighs) with lukewarm water would let them give. Wow. All I did was fill the spray bottle with warm water. I covered the thighs with water and gave them a tug. Then I sprayed the waist and gave it a tug by stretching it out with my foot to hold it in place.

Result: The jeans buttoned with zero problem!

Who knew. Who knew. Thank you, Google and eHow. My jeans fit just in time for fall.

1 comment:

  1. great info for that one pair of jeans in the bottom of my drawer that don't really fit but i can't bring myself to get rid of!