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16 August 2010

Something Beautiful: A Wedding

Over the weekend, we went to a wedding near home. I pretended to be a professional photographer, and I am in love with how some shots turned out. And I just wanted to share.

School is back in session, by the way. So I be prepared for short and sweet posts. Oh. And not buying school supplies is really, really, really hard for a school teacher. It's kind of like how hard I imagine it would be for a baker to not buy mixing spoons or how hard it would be for a banker to not buy a new tie. It's so difficult, that I have failed. The Wonder Woman notebooks are only $2.50. I need a new notebook for Creative Writing. I was going to make one with the old sheet music, but I didn't. I wanted to write on the lined blue pages, with Wonder Woman water marked and soaring toward me. I bought it. But I think that I am going to be ok.

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  1. great pictures!

    oh i can believe how hard it must be! my mother in law is a teacher and she spends a fortune on art supplies...it just doesn't seem far that it has to come out of the teaches wages to pay for all of it...it makes me sick actually. she had asked once for parents to donate any supplies and she got a bunch of tiles from one parent so she taught her kids to make mosaics and they turned out great!