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06 July 2010

Something Red, White, and Blue: Happy 4th of July

I baked the cake. I saw it on a blog looking like a rainbow, and I think my red, white, and blue version turned out well. The recipe was entirely from scratch--including the icing that doesn't have a trace of confectioner's sugar. It's the "White Out Cake" from the cookbook BAKED that my wonderful friend Rita gave to me on my birthday. The brownies in it are to die for!

We spent the holiday in the country. My favorite moment was just driving out along the county roads to take photos. I found some beautiful wildflowers along the edge of the road, with a few winged friends fluttering among them. And though the corn is having a dry season, I still thought she looked pretty against the blue blue sky. But I think my favorite find was the field of sunflowers we stopped and turned back toward. It was beautiful.

About a hour before dusk my charming husband realized he couldn't commit to a Fourth without spark. So with some cash from my mama and his pocket, we chose a few snaps, sparklers, smoke bombs, and fountains. Did you know sparklers are made from bamboo now? I didn't. Oh. And the boxes from the pops are going to find their way upcycled into something. But the best part was that the neighbors down the road put on a show for us. I heard they had three trailers of fireworks, and I wouldn't doubt it.

I hope your Fourth was full of simplicity and sparklers just like mine.


  1. Katie, that cake looks AMAZING! What a great idea. And I love the blog!

  2. Your blog is amazing... and this cake... YUM! Greetings from Bulgaria! :)