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06 July 2010

Something Popped: Popcorn on the Stovetop

Sometimes I just want a snack. A snack that doesn't leave me feeling guilty, yucky, or chocolate wasted. And popcorn usually solves the need to munch and crunch without too many calories. Usually, I have a stack of microwavable bags in the cookie jar. But last time I ran out, I took my time in the snackage aisle at the grocery store.

My eyes wandered to the bag of kernels on the bottom shelf. I wondered if I could find an air-popper on eBay or out thrifting as I turned over the bag. Then it hit me. I have a stove. I have oil. And I have plenty of pots.

Popcorn on the stovetop--Yummy! I can minimize the salt, I can minimize the waste (instead of a cardboard box recycled, a plastic wrapper trashed, a bag trashed, and a quarter cup of kernels unpopped, the only waste will be the plastic bag the kernels come in), and I can minimize the filmy taste the microwave stuff usually leaves in my mouth.

Now. I know that it's not as fat-free as I would like. But I popped almost every kernel. And it was so easy. And it only took about five or seven minutes total. So yummy. I can't wait to make caramel corn in October!

1 comment:

  1. Too funny..we just started doing this as well. SO yummy. And kettle corn is just as easy when you want to indulge. :)