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29 July 2010

Something Dyed: New Towels

Before you call me out on buying something new, forgive me. But our towels are faded. Faded like blue jeans forgotten in the sun for a decade. A decade. We've had the same towels since we got married in 2006, and they've held up well physically. But color? Forget it. That porcelain blue faded to bleached blue within a year. But like I said, they've held up well.

Thanks to Amy Karol at angry chicken, and her book Bend the Rules with Fabric, I decided to bring them back to life with dye.

Here's the Before:

Here's the After:

The dye didn't really create any waste at all: I recycled the package, and the dye absorbed into the towels. The only thing I threw away was a 4 inch square of plastic holding the actual dye. I got a dye called iDye at ArtMart, so the only other material I needed was salt (which I have). And viola! New towels. And if I hadn't told you, I bet you couldn't even tell. This color is neutral, Ecru. I think I am going to try Aztec Gold on a cardigan, and I might try Turquoise on the rest of the towels!

What do you want to color splash?!


  1. i don't think dye counts as buying something new really...that is a gray area lets say :) but what great idea though cause i have some old towels that could use some tlc...is the dye you used the kind you use in the washer machine? i have only used dyes in a vat over a stove...i have a pair of sneakers i am wanting to dye :)


  2. These towels look great! :) I think it's great that you are doing this nothing-new-for-a-year challenge. i wish i had the will power to do what you're doing! keep it up! :]