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06 July 2010

Something Blue: Upcycled Treasures.

Look what I refinished.

White Train Case: 75-cents
Oval Mirror: Found
Tall Chair: Gifted
Turquoise Spray Paint: In the Garage
Sapphire Blue Fabric: Gifted

I use the white train case for my cash box at Craft Fairs. And I also use it to carry my sharpies and other crating supplies that I can travel with.

The chair is the perfect height for my fringe scarves at craft fairs. And it's the perfect height for teaching. Maybe one day I will have my own room, and I can bring in this chair. It needs a better seat, but that's going to have to wait a bit.

And the mirror is perfect for adding dimension to my craft fair table. And it's really heavy, so we need to have a pro hang it. It would be perfect in our black and white guestroom/creative space one of these days. You can see my JCrew magazine that came in the mail (that I can't order from!) used to protect the glass:)

Find something and paint it blue. It's happiness~

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  1. wow i really like what you are doing! trying not to buy anything new, what a great idea! i feel very inspired by you to shop more at thrift stores then i already do...it always feels so good, you know. i will have to stay tuned... :)