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15 June 2010

Something Sneak Peek: Craft Fair

The craft fair will be here in less than two weeks! And I thought that some of you might want to see the charming flair that could be yours! The top photo showcases my antique button earrings. All earring are decades old as far as I can tell, and the posts are stainless steel. Some pairs are truly one of a kind, while others might be one of a duplicate. But no more than three pairs exist that are exactly the same. All charmed earth button earrings will be on sale for $10 a pair. And dangle earrings made from vintage necklaces and bracelets will be for sale at $15 a pair.

The only thing charmed earth about the fringe scarves is the fact that they are charming! A few very special friends and family members were delighted to receive these as gifts back in December, and I know it's a long shot trying to sell them in June heat. But, they will be available at my table. I haven't purchased any yarn since December, so I suppose they are somewhat old. But all that aside, I don't think anyone wants a scarf made of vintage yarn. Just the thought of it makes me itchy.

I've blogged about the beauty above before, but the charming aprons will be up for sale. And they are all entirely upcycled--the main front of the apron is a vintage top quilt, the binding was discovered in a bag of sewing odds and ends I picked up at Artichoke Annie's, the white fabric was thrifted, and the thread was even discovered in my sewing box from years past. These girls are starting at $15.

The ornaments were gifts for friends and family this past Christmas as well. And I have to admit that they may not make it to the craft table. Tell me what you think: Should I whip up a few? They are upcycled using old sheet music and dictionary pages. All of the drawing and calligraphy is done by yours truly, with my dependable Sharpie Markers. If I find a few for my table, I will see how it goes. If I hit a fall craft show, they will be a showcase item. Though I will have to buy more wood circles.

The pictures above are all upcyling at its finest. The covers are old New Yorker magazine covers from past subscriptions and the recycle barrel at school. And the sheet music inside of each small notebook was headed for the recycle bin as well. But it's all put to better reuse. They are perfect for keeping track of lists, story ideas, and quote collections.

So. What do you think? Are you going to stop by my table at the craft fair? If you are in the St. Louis area, let me know. I will send the location out to you!


  1. If we weren't closing on the house on the following Monday, you know I would be there! I wish you much luck & success, my dear "city" friend!

  2. STL is so far from KC :) But I think the ornaments are amazing and I've been to a few craft shows around KC this summer and you'd be surprised how many people have out ornaments - I say go for it! And good luck!