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12 June 2010

Something Old: Camera Bag Found at Garage Sale

For Christmas, right before I started my challenge, my charming husband surprised me with a DSLR Canon Rebel T1i. I love it. It is the best gift. But, though I am a very careful girl, I did worry about it taking cross country trips with me. And since I didn't buy a bag prior to my challenge, I've been wrapping it in the bubble wrap--sometimes traveling with the box, sometimes cushioning it with t-shirts in a tote bag (across New York). These solutions weren't terrible, but I needed something more reliable.

Right before I left for Wyoming, Garage Sale Season hit. And on my way over to my godmother's house to borrow a sleeping bag (something borrowed!), I stopped at no less than five garage sales to see what I could find...no end tables (we've been using vintage chairs since we got married to house our alarm clocks, books, and lamps), no vintage buttons to upcycle into earrings, and no hand weights. But what did I find?!

A very vintage camera bag.

Cost: $3.

Condition: Gently Used.

Perks: A vintage video camera came inside with an owner's manual. No film, but it could almost be artwork. The interior is plaid. It has a removable shoulder strap that will go across my body. The bag can carry over 20 cricket vials, and it can carry a notebook and pen easily.

I am in love.

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