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10 June 2010

Something Beautiful

I'm back! And summer is off to a simple and relaxing start. My first post has to include some details and photos from my trip out West.

Charmed Earth Status: I came away without anything new for myself with the exception of a new journal. And considering paper is all biodegradable at one point or another, I think that it's approved. Plus, I did a lot of writing out west. I needed the extra pages for the numerous poems I just had to write. I am considering posting my poetry from the trip online in another blog of sorts; I will let you know when that happens.

For now, I just want you to see the beautiful simplicity of life at the AMK Ranch in Wyoming.

The pine cone is from a Lodge Pole Pine tree that fell in the forest. Before she fell, I think that her pine cones had some of the best views of the mountains.

The mountain view is right at the ranch. The skies were cloudless the morning we left.

The tree is an Aspen, and it's my new favorite. I want to plant a line of them one day when I live on a farm. I love how I can see her eyes in her white bark. Her green-yellow leaves were just springing to life.

The chipmunk to my left was tame. Very tame, and very cute with his chubby cheeks.

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