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15 May 2010

Something Pretty (and small)

School has been so busy! I have less than ten days left before I leave for Wyoming. I can't believe it. Sorry I haven't posted for awhile (if anyone is still reading this--the comments are pretty slim). Nevertheless, I want everyone to know that I haven't slipped since New York. No confessions. I'm glad I have some borrowed hand weights, and I think I'm ok with just wearing a pair of old cross-training New Balance tennis shoes for the day hikes in Wyoming. I don't know for sure, but I think I'm ok with not buying hiking boots for the trip. About being busy: I started a workout video (that I bought used), I've been grading, I've been reading, and I've been celebrating.

And with all of this celebrating, I've been looking pretty. Can I buy make-up? Yes. I consider it to be like toothpaste. So I can't buy new concealer, blush, eye-shadow, mascara, or eyeliner until my stash runs out--or expires. It is not wise to use certain products after certain time frames--mascara and eyeliner need to be tossed in three months; powders can last for two years; concealer can last a year. Use a brush to apply. Your fingers harbor bacteria, too. Using the provided brushes will spread fewer germs and/or infections.

Note to self: buy more powdered make-up. I have my Cover Girl eye-shadows that I bought in November or December. And they are still staying strong. But then there is the battle of mascara. I thought about it--I can use one tube for a year. But I value my eyes. And the darkness and lingering bacteria the wand bathes in scares me.

I found a solution: I've started buying travel-size mascara. I write the expiration date (three months from purchase) on the bottle. The two tiny travel sizes lasted me January to March. And now I'm on my new set. And I did the same for my concealer. It's a very small tub. Very small. The price wasn't as small as my Cover Girl eye-shadow, but the price I am tossing into a landfill is smaller. And to me, this is worth it.

When I think about make-up, I also think about removing it. I just use simple face soap and water, but sometimes it's hard to get off. Or sometime I need to use a toner or something for a break out. Or I might just decide to paint my toenails (not buying new nail polish colors is so difficult!) Usually, I'd use cotton balls. I still have a huge jar in my bathroom closet, and they will biodegrade. But, like the few rolls of paper towels, I like to save them for when I really need them. So, back when I made my own dryer sheets (which may not be as Earth friendly as I think), I cut up a few white washcloths into squares. These squares are in plain view in my bathroom, and they are perfect to use in place of any cotton ball. I like their small size, and I only use two designated ones for nail polish removal. Save the rest for your face and body. I usually hand wash them and let them air dry. If I am in a hurry, I wash them in a delicates bag and dry them in that same bag. They do tend to fray if I do it this was, so I have to trim the edges.

There you have it. Something pretty.

Below are some good links about make-up expiration dates:


  1. Hey Katie! I am still reading! I might be a good following because I check up every couple of weeks or so, after you have posted a few new stories! Love it!

  2. Still reading here as well! Great ideas!