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11 April 2010

Something Red

I'm thinking of going on a total shopping hiatus for a few weeks. There are a few bloggers out there like me that buy used and not new. But then there are some that just don't buy for a three-month-period. I haven't found anyone like me, yet. And I don't know how long I'm going to be able to last here.

One of my favorite blogs is Heart of Light. She buys flowers every Friday. And another favorite blog of mine is Jane's Apron. She always finds the best thrifts.

This week, I ran into Trader Joe's for tuna and chickpeas (I'm making a tuna, chickpea, and fresh spinach salad for lunch this week). And then I spotted the beautiful ranunculus. It took me forever to choose the red.

And then I spent a few hours at new thrift stores. This vase caught my eye. For eighty-cents, I consider it a steal. I also picked up a vintage Tupperware jello mold in pistachio green for eighty-cents. I'd call it a good day for both me and Mother Earth.

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