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22 April 2010

Something New York

I know today is Earth Day. Yesterday, I celebrated by buying my summertime organic herbs at our local farmers market three minutes from my house. My favorite--chocolate mint. She's beautiful. She smells like frosting on a Magnolia Bakery cupcake fresh out of the oven. I need to discover what I can mix her with--besides with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Ok. Deep breath here. I must write about my herbs more later this week.

I have a confession: I bought somethings. Yes. Somethings.

My friend Julie will back me up on one being a dear necessity. You see, I went to visit her in New York. Yes. New York. The shopping capital of the world. The first two days I was strong. I didn't buy the cute knitted cap, by cute, I mean the one with wolf ears or the one that looked like a lady bug. I didn't buy the Wonder Woman stationary. I didn't buy a timo! wallet (though I still really want one). I didn't buy the owl coin purse that was hot pink. And I didn't buy the blue umbrella decorated with cherries for $19. I didn't buy any of it. I didn't buy the black linen vest. I didn't buy the grey-green tank with the ruffled neck. I didn't buy a David Letterman Late Show coffee mug. I didn't even touch the incredibly real Coach purse knock-offs. I didn't buy the cupcake cookbook. I didn't buy an apron at the cupcake shop in Tribecca. I didn't buy the tote bag at the Hello Kitty store--and do you even know how long it's been since I've seen and been able to shop at the Hello Kitty store? There is no way I'd pass that place up without a pencil before this challenge. I didn't buy earrings. I didn't buy a pair of ballet flats at the Payless across the way. And I didn't even buy a single Pashmina scarf (I bought 15 of those in Italy--yes--15. True, many were gifts, but I did keep six for myself). Oh. And I didn't buy the beautiful photographs and prints of New York's central park.

Ok. Now that that's out. I have to confess. I bought two pairs of leggings at Uniqlo (the only place I've ever seen Uniqlo is New York). And I bought a jacket on mega sale at Anthropologie. Now. Julie will back me up on this--and Julie's a true inspiration for this project. I don't know of that girl ever buying anything she didn't need. I admire that about her.

So here's the deal. I packed almost perfect this time. I didn't even need to run to the Duane Reade down the block for a hair tie, toothbrush, or razor. I packed almost perfect: I even fit my bag of a purse into my small carry-on item, thus only having my true two carry-on items. But I left the seventy-degree-it's-almost-summer-I'm wearing-shorts-in-April-weather of St. Louis to a cooled down New York. And by day three my cardigan just wasn't cutting it. And did you know that the rumor about David Letterman keeping his studio at 50 degrees is true. I needed the jacket.

I didn't need the leggings. But they are darn cute.

Dear Mother Earth, please forgive me.

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