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05 April 2010

Something Messy: Cloth Napkins

Johnny Depp is my exception; I have a dear crush on him. It is no surprise that I agreed to see Alice in Wonderland after it just came out at the Moolah. In case you're wondering, I can buy movie tickets: there is no waste created from buying a movie ticket, that I can tell. I bring my own water and grapes.

My close friends all know how much I love Alice. They all also know how much I enjoyed wearing my Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume more than once last October--And that whole costume was pretty much found in my house or thrifted (with the exception of the blonde wig). And my charming husband made a great White Rabbit. I wish we'd found time to dress our bulldog up like the Cheshire Cat. Maybe next year.

So it's not an overstatement to say that it's a dream come true that the talented Johnny Depp joined forces to star in my favorite classic tale. It's kind of like when I saw these cloth napkins at the Big Ass Indie Craft show in November. I just had to get them. And they are so charming. The queen is pictured, but there are six in all: the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, and the Blue Caterpillar.

They are a treat to use whether it's celebrating for New Year's, sharing when it's my turn for treats at a work faculty meeting, or just for taco night. I am proud to say I never buy paper napkins. So these babies were, in my opinion, worth the investment. And I know Mother Earth is happy every day I reuse them.

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