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14 March 2010

Something Reused: Cereal Box Liners

My friend Nikki lives two blocks away from me. She's a dear friend, but I don't see her as often as I wish I did. So about four weeks ago I made a batch of Magnolia cupcakes. Nikki loves these cupcakes. So I decided to drop off a few at her house for her family to enjoy. She enjoyed them.

And in honor of Charmed Earth, Nikki returned the container to me, filled with blueberry coconut muffins. Then a pattern started: I sent back jam thumbprints, Nikki sent back coconut-chocolate-chip-banana-bars. And we reused the same container. But this container had a flaw: we didn't have a lid. So each time we shared a treat, we had to add new plastic wrap. The other day my butter was getting close to its expiration, so I had to make Pound Cake from scratch.

Yes. You read me right. I had to make Pound Cake. There was nothing else to do with the butter. It was already room temperature, the sugar, the eggs, and the flour were begging for it. I had to do it. So I sifted through my cookbooks searching for the perfect Pound Cake. I found it in one of my favorites: Amy Sedaris's I Like You.

Amy Sedaris's recipe was borrowed from a friend, and hers called for buttermilk; I discovered that skim milk will work fine.

So back to my neighborhood-treat-swapping with Nikki. I was so proud of my Pound Cake. I had to send a few slices to Nikki and her family. But I didn't want to waste any more plastic wrap (because when my stash is gone, it's gone). Then I realized...I had been saving a few sheets of box cereal liners. They seem to be just like wax paper. So I ripped it down the seam and wrapped the Pound Cake inside. I had to close it with a few clothes pins, so I decided to decorate them with treat words. My intention was to put it inside the container, but I forgot it. And I didn't realize it until I was almost to her house.

Now I know what to do with those cereal liners I'm saving! What a great reuse. And I think I know just what to do with the actual boxes: I can't wait for summer vacation so I can focus my time on the reuses!

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  1. Lol! Just read this post for the first time! I totally remember you packaging goodies like this! I now use clothes pins with little sayings to seal any food item. And I have to admit, I've found my self reusing the wax paper lining when in a pinch. Each time, I think of you :) I miss being neighbors.