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26 March 2010

Something Old: Mere's Aprons

Last month I wanted to wear the brown dress with pink flowers again. It was my mother's in high school. It had long sleeves and a very short skirt. I borrowed it, and wore it as often as I could. Then the zipper broke. For years I thought it was lost. I couldn't believe we'd toss it out on account of a zipper--but for nearly 10 years I searched for it.

I search under my bed. I rifled through the attic. I burrowed myself in the depths of my closet. I dove into the depths of my sisters' closets. I emptied and re-emptied my cedar chest. I even checked Mama's closet. No dress.

Then a few nights ago I had a dream. And when I woke up I knew to look inside my mother's cedar chest. The dress was there. I just knew it. So when I went home this past weekend, I checked the cedar chest. And there she was. Brown long bell sleeves decorated with pink flowers, her lace collar, sitting right on top. Zipper still broken.

I wondered if this magical cedar chest held the other treasures I'd lost: my pink eyeglasses (no matter I lost them in my West End apartment), my mother's shirt with the partridges painted the colors or fall, and my Lolly doll. No luck. But I did uncover some very vintage aprons (I love aprons). I asked my mother about them. They belonged to her grandmother, my great-grandmother. We called her Mere (Or Mirror--I never can spell it right). So I asked to keep one. But I couldn't help photographing all of them in the sunshine at Mom and Dad's over the weekend.

Oh. Mom fixed the zipper (my sewing's not that advanced yet). And it the dress still fits!

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