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27 February 2010


This one's going to be short.

One way we all know how to save money and energy is with those CFL light bulbs--the spiraly ones that last forever. I use them in all of my overhead lights and some lamp lights. And I promise, when we run out of the other bulbs we own, and when all the lights burn out, I will just buy those.

But one thing about the CFLs, that I always forget, is their mercury content.

We're supposed to recycle them when they burn out--not just pitch them.

Remember: Recycle your CFLs!

But the looming question remains: Where do I recycle? I found the answer, easily, in a writing conference with one of my students the other day (her MultiGenre Research Paper is about the environment).

Go to these Websites, and you can discover where you can recycle in your area.



Earth911 has resources for where to recycle or dispose of everything that we're not supposed to throw in the trash. Some of the stuff is surprising.


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