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13 February 2010

Something Magnetic

Ugh! I have been so out of touch. I hope someone is still reading this.

Well. For starters, I'm still true to the challenge: I haven't bought anything new. I've been tempted (T.C. Boyle published a new book, Cowgirl boots were on sale at Nordstrom, the girl at the MAC make-up store was very convincing, and Ann Taylor's spring neutral is my favorite shade of gray/taupe that I could only find in Italy this summer. Oh, and I am falling in love with new fashion trends and a desire to organize). But with all of that, I've held strong. No new purchases.

Now. I did buy a new vintage Flinstones drinking glass with Betty Rubble painted on the front (to store my Sharpies on my craft table) at an antique store. But that's something old, so it's allowed. And I did come across a few vintage blazers that belonged to my mother-in-law that she let me keep, so I'm not totally deprived. And to be honest, I actually feel a sense of calm and appreciation. I don't spend as many weekend hours at the mall and Target, I don't get all anxious about swiping my credit card, and I don't have too many plies of junk cluttering my closet and storage room. I've found that I have more time to read, more time to send friends cards, and more time to meditate. I'm still busier that I've ever been (I feel) with work, but I do have more time to relax. Not buying is calming.

So today's post is something magnetic. A few weeks ago, my magnetic-grocery store-list-paper-pad ran out. I love lists. And I love that pad of paper stuck right on the fridge so that I can list away as I realize I am out of baking soda or sugar or eggs. It keeps us on budget at the grocery store, too. I know that buying a new magnetic pad is clearly out of the question, so I simply stared at the empty cardboard stuck to the fridge, trying to figure out the best way to attach more paper that I could easily rip off week by week. Ah. It was so simple.

I started by cutting a few pages of my stash of leftover sheet music in half. Next I aligned the top with the top of the cardboard backing (magnet still attached). And I simply stapled the sheet music to the existing back. Simplicity. It stays on the fridge easily. I even got the urge to pull out some old stamps and ink to decorate the list.

It didn't cost me a penny. I used all materials kept at home. And I think it's even cuter that the paper that was there before.

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  1. I continue to love reading your blog, and am always amazed at your unending creativity/resourcefulness (one l or two?)