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13 January 2010

Something Sudsy

With part of my Charmed Earth challenge, I promised I wouldn't buy new shampoo, body wash, lotion, and all of those other beauty/hygiene products until I run out. Just last week I was walking with my friend Amy, laughing about the thought of my lotions and body washes lasting all year long. So I went home and took inventory: Ten bottles of body wash. Yep. Ten. For the record, only two of them are almost full--the Johnson and Johnsons and the Ralph Lauren Romance (part of a gift set I received for Christmas from my wonderful in-laws). But there are still eight more bottles that aren't empty. And the bottle of Raspberry Sorbet is a big bottle that's still three-quarters full.

I haven't counted the lotions, shampoos, and face washes. But I am curious as to how long my overstocked stash is going to last. In fact, I'm almost giddy about making it a whole year on what I have. Can you imagine not needing to buy body wash for a year? I'll let you know when I run out. But until then, does anyone want to place any bets? (I think I've got around 55 ounces right now).

And be warned: as part of this ten-bottle-discovery, I've started portioning the amount I'm using in the shower. I used to pour almost a full tablespoon or more. But I've discovered that a teaspoon or two gives me enough to lather, clean, and enjoy. And I know it's silly, but I've started taking in all the smells of it before I start to wash up. It gives the shower a whole new experience of renewal. So, how many bottles (or should we count ounces?) of body wash does it take to get through a whole year? Let's find out.

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