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07 January 2010

Something New

I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words via Facebook and in my comments sections. For my friend Laura, I figured out how to allow anyone to post a comment. Comment away! And my wonderfully charming husband found out about the blog, and I think he might actually become a fan of Charmed Earth since it's more than me not buying new clothes. Which brings me to...

Today's Temptation: Goody Hair clips.


If you know me, I love my hair, and I am the queen of hair accessories. And while I was browsing a magazine last night, I noticed the new ones out by Goody this year. And you can get them at Target for a mere $4. The ones I am falling in love with are beautiful gray-blue and gold--which happens to be one of my new favorite color combinations. Before the challenge started, I purchased a new wallet in the same combination. I have to say that the hair clips would be the perfect match. Problem: My promise to not buy anything new. My solution: I took a deep breath and went rummaging through all my old make-up bags and bathroom drawers and took out all of my hair accessories. Then I put them in a hot pink Candies shoe box (I'll post a picture later, I hope). I didn't count the total, but I'm pretty sure it's over 50 counting all of my headbands. And I even found some old sparkly clips that I wore to my junior prom.

But the biggest discoveries? An old gold barrette that belonged to my great-grandmother and a silver necklace with beautiful blue gemstones that I received as a birthday gift a few years ago. Both are beautiful accessories I haven't worn for nearly two years. It's going to feel like wearing something new this week.

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