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18 January 2010

Something Net

I've always been an avid "I have my own bags" customer at the grocery store. And now that we've started to consider the money spent on groceries more, we've had the luxury of loading our own bags at Shop n' Save. But I do wonder how much I'm saving in pennies. So my charming husband is on a challenge to find the best grocery store overall. My job is to keep the list simple and to bring the bags.

One simple change I've made is buying only two kinds of fruit per visit. This week I picked up grapefruits and the ever-popular winter clementines. The dilemma, though, that I've been having with produce, is its need for bags. I hate using the bags they provide in the produce section. And I didn't buy the reusable produce bags when they are on sale three months ago. Sometimes I just fore go the bag. But enough is enough. I mean four grapefruits rolling around the cart is one thing, but then they start rolling down the conveyor belt, rolling out of the bag in the car, and rolling off the kitchen counter when I'm unpacking. Plus the cilantro inevitably gets packed on top of the oatmeal, the cucumbers get an extra ding from the cannellini beans, and don't forget the rolling grapefruits.

Then it hit me: I buy onions in bulk. I buy clementines in bulk. And both items come in breathable, strong, net bags. Problem solved.

The only thing I have to remember is to avoid ripping a hole in the net. I also have to remember to pull off the original tag, bring a few rubber bands or twist ties with me (I just twist one around the netting), and to be careful when I'm cutting the top of the original.

It was so simple. It didn't cost a dime since I buy those items regularly enough. And I know I will need more onions in about a month. Right now I've only collected four bags. But that was enough for the grapefruits and cucumbers at the grocery store last night. This one just makes me smile. Oh, and if you're not into trying it out, will you save your netted bags for me?

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  1. Great idea!! Going to start doing it this week! :) Also, your mention of the beans reminded me...I switched from canned to dry beans a couple months ago..saves packaging ( even though you can recycle the cans ) and $$$. It does require a little more planning...but worth it.Love you posts..keep on going! :)